Line Dancing: The cost $2.00 per class.  The class is led by Mary Ellen Louise. Shape up to the sounds of great music every Friday at 9:00am.

"Feel Better" Fitness Class: How many times have you heard your physician say "If you don't MOVE it, you're going to LOSE it"?  This class is just what the physician ordered!  Classes consist of 10-15 minutes of walking paced warm-up, 30 minutes of seated chair exercises, 10 minutes of standing exercises, and 5 minutes of relaxation/cool down.  These exercises are good for seniors with arthritis, osteoporosis, or cardiac rehabilitation.  Muscular strengthening, endurance, and flexibility can be improved by performing these exercises.

Wii Fitness: The Wii (wee) allows your body movement to be stimulated through the television while you play games such as bowling, golf, tennis, and much more.   Wii sports games offer low-impact exercise with a full range of motion while have lots of fun with friends!  The Wii is for Sellers members only.  Stop in the office to schedule your sessions or to inquire about joint the Wii Bowling League.  Please check with your physician if you have any questions about your ability to participate in this activity.

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